Online and Blended Courses

Online & Blended Courses

The Distance Learning Program at SUNY Ulster provides a growing selection of fully online courses, including departments across the curriculum and four fully on-line degrees, Individual Studies, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, and Business Administration.  These courses meet exclusively or almost exclusively in the online environment and are often a good fit for students who are self-motivated, organized, and learn well from written text as well as audio and video presentations when available.  

The Distance Learning Program also offers a growing number of blended courses. Blended or hybrid courses combine the traditional classroom experience and the online learning experience to create courses that reduce seat time while increasing flexibility, independent learning, and communication between students.  These courses are often a good fit for students who prefer a combination of audio and visual learning and enjoy face-to-face interaction with their instructor and fellow classmates as well as opportunities to interact with course material and/or their class online.

SUNY Ulster and the Distance Learning Program also participate in COIL., the State University of New York Collaborative Online International Learning Program, offering a growing number of courses shared by students from other nations, such as Belarus, Brazil, Greece, Italy, Japan, Lebanon and Mexico.
To find out more about online courses at SUNY Ulster, check out “Will You Be Successful in an Online Learning Course or Program?” on the College website or call the student technology coordinator 845-688-1989.





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