Student Government Organization (SGO)

Student Government Organization (SGO)
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The Student Government Organization maintains a cooperative relationship among students, faculty, staff, and the outside community and works to ensure that the social needs and responsibilities of students are being met. Together with the College Association’s Board of Directors, the SGO oversees student clubs and organizations. It also works with the STUDENT ACTIVITIES BOARD to plan special social and cultural events. The College Association fee paid as part of tuition entitles each student to full membership in the SGO. The Student Council is sponsored by the SGO and made up of representatives from all of the active student clubs. SGO and Student Council meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month at 1 pm in the SGO offices and are open to everyone.


Constitution of the Student Government

Organization of Ulster County Community College



Section A – Name

The name of this organization is the Student Government Organization, hereafter referred to as SGO.


Section B – Purpose

SGO’s purpose is to provide a foundation in which social responsibilities and the needs of the individual students are provided for, in keeping with the aims and ideals upon which the College was founded. The SGO shall be the official representative voice of the student body.



Section A – Clubs

SGO shall have the authority to establish requirements for recognizing student clubs and in conjunction with the STUDENT ACTIVITIES BOARD (SAC) establish requirements for allocation of all student activity funds.


Section B – Annual Budget

SGO in conjunction with the College Association and the STUDENT ACTIVITIES BOARD shall prepare an annual operating budget. There shall be a subcommittee of the College Association to review club requests.



Section A – Membership

All students registered at SUNY Ulster are entitled to all the benefits and privileges the organization may provide.


Section B – Student Council

The Student Council, made up of representatives from each active club, shall be the presided over by the SGO. The Student Council shall be the venue for all student input on college student life matters. Club representation is required in order for student clubs to maintain active status and to be eligible for student activity funding,


Section C –Voting

Club representatives shall have one each on the Student Council. SGO officers shall have one vote each. Members shall be present to be vote. A written proxy shall be accepted.


Article III

Section A – Meetings

SGO/Student Council meetings are scheduled twice a month.


Section B – Special Meetings

Special meetings may be called by the SGO president at the request, in writing, of three or more members.


Section C – Notice of Meetings

Notice of the place, day and time of the meetings, with general description of the business to be transacted, shall be announced at least one week in advance.


Section D – Quorum

Two SGO officers and at least three club representatives shall constitute a quorum to conduct business. All motions shall be determined by a majority vote of those members present.


Section F – Powers

All power and authority of SGO and the Student Council shall be vested in the officers and club representatives.



Section A – Officers

There shall be a student elected President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer of the SGO. Student officers must be 18 years, shall have completed no fewer than 12 credits at the time of taking office and have a minimum 2.5 GPA at the time of taking office and maintain a minimal 2.5 GPA both by semester and cumulative average. Officers found responsible for disciplinary infractions will be required to resign their positions.


Section B – Student Trustee

There shall be a student elected Student Trustee representing the student body on the College Board of Trustees. The Student Trustee must be 18 years old, shall have completed no fewer than 12 credits at the time of taking office and have a minimum 2.5 GPA at the time of taking office. The Student Trustee shall be a voting member of the College’s Board of Trustees and shall act as the voice of the student body to the College Trustees. The Student Trustee shall give monthly reports to the Board of Trustees and to the SGO. To avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest, the student trustee may not hold a paying position on campus during his/her term  of office.


Section C – Term of Office

The term of office shall be one year beginning one day after Commencement of the year in which he/she is elected, and shall continue in that office until the day of Commencement the following year.


Section D – President

The President of SGO shall be the official representative of the student body and shall serve as the presiding officer of the Student Council. The President has the authority to fill all vacancies, make appointments and have the sole power to declare a special election. The President shall be the ex-officio member of all Committees.


Section E – Vice President

The Vice-President shall possess the same qualifications as the President and shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence.


Section F – Treasurer

The Treasurer shall, in conjunction with the College Association financial officer, keep records of all allocations and expenditures of SGO funds.


Section G – Secretary

The Secretary shall record the minutes of all SGO and Student Council meetings. The Secretary shall maintain a record and calendar of all club meetings and activities.



Section A – Elections

Elections for all SGO offices, for the Student Trustee, and for the three members of the College Association Board of Directors, shall be held in the month of April. All positions shall be for the term of one year, beginning on the day of Commencement in that academic year. The elections dates and times shall be announced 30 days in advance.


Section B – Nominations

Nominations for positions shall come from the student body in the form of signed petitions.  The number of signatures required and the deadline for submission of completed petitions shall be determined by the SGO/Student Council. The SGO President shall appoint an Election committee who shall be responsible for collecting and reviewing petitions, determining election rules, running election booths and counting ballots.


Section C – Campaigns

All candidates will be allowed to display campaign materials in appropriates places on campus.  No campaign materials will be allowed in the areas of the voting booths. Electioneering by any candidate is not allowed within 50 feet of the voting booths on the day of the election. Inappropriate election practices, such as removing other candidate’s materials, will be cause for removal from the ballot.


Section D – Run-off election

In the event of a tie vote, the Election Committee shall set a date for a runoff election. The same procedures shall be followed as in a regular election except no further petitions need to be submitted.



Section A – Advisor

The SGO advisor shall be the Coordinator of Campus Life or his/her designee. The Advisor shall serve as a consultant to SGO and render an opinion when needed.


Section B – Parliamentary Procedures

Roberts Rules of Order shall be the authority for decisions relating to parliamentary procedures not already provided for in these By-Laws.


Section C – College Association

There shall be a Board of Directors of the College Association for the purpose of controlling the use of funds collected for the College Association. Members of the Board of Directors shall be of legal age, 18, by the time of the first board meeting and shall be in good academic standing.  There shall be seven students on the College Association Board of Directors. One seat is reserved for the SGO President. Three students shall be elected by the student body and three students shall be appointed by the SGO President.



Section A – Amendments

These By-Laws may be added to, amended, altered, or repealed at any meeting of SGO providing at least fifteen (15) days notice has been given referring to the proposed action by a majority of the voting membership.


Standing Committees

Student membership is encouraged and solicited for several of SUNY Ulster’s standing committees. Students interested in serving on any of the following committees should contact the Assistant Dean of Student Development, VAN 247, 687-5288. [CN1] 


Affirmative Action, Equity, and Access Committee

This committee is charged with conducting a review of the College’s affirmative action policy and procedures for Federal and State compliance on an annual or semester basis. The committee is responsible for developing a college-wide program on multiculturalism and gender equity. 


Campus Safety, Environment, and Facilities

This committee is charged with advising the Dean of Administration in the monitoring of the College’s program of safety, with particular emphasis on crime prevention and reporting and on preservation of a healthy and accessible campus environment conducive to academic learning. Committee members evaluate these areas and make recommendations for improvement strategies. They are also charged with promotion of recycling regulations and of proper procedures for the disposition of all recyclable materials. 


Curriculum Committee

This policy-making committee is charged with considering new course offerings and programs or changes to existing course offerings and programs. 


Planning and Assessment Committee

This policy-making committee is charged with the evaluation and review of the College’s campus-wide plan, the planning process, and assessment methods. Assessment activities are focused on educational outcomes and institutional effectiveness.


Ulster Community College Association

Under regulations of the State University of New York, the College will not participate financially in extracurricular activities. SUNY Ulster formed a separate, not-for-profit corporation to establish, finance, and operate faculty and student activities, known as the Ulster Community College Association. Membership is made up of seven students presently registered at SUNY Ulster, four faculty members, four representatives of the administrative staff, one member of the Board of Trustees, and nonvoting ex-officio members, including the President of the College and the Association’s Financial Secretary.

The Association has two main purposes: to cultivate, promote, and encourage the development of such appropriate extracurricular activities for the academic community which will parallel the educational goals of SUNY Ulster; and to receive, manage, and control the revenues and disbursements of student activities (SGO, clubs, and athletics), day care, and workshops and special campus events.





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