Step 1- Apply

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Step 1 - Apply

Ready to become a SUNY Ulster student? Everything you need to know and do is outlined in these 3 easy steps.

What Kind Of Student Will I Be?

Matriculated Student

If you wish to pursue a degree, diploma or certificate, you’ll want to become a matriculated student.

Only Matriculated Students May:

  • receive financial aid
  • receive any of the available scholarships
  • obtain an academic adviser
  • get a degree, diploma, or certificate

If you decide to matriculate, you'll need to choose a program of study. You'll find the many choices available to you in our Credit Programs page.

Non-Matriculated Student

If you are not pursuing a degree, diploma or certificate, then you are considered a non-matriculated student. Often, people choose this direction to learn or enhance specific skills or to pursue personal interests. You'll find the many choices available to you on our Credit Courses page.

Nonmatriculated students can click here to register

As a non-matriculated student, once you have located the courses you wish to take, you can proceed directly to Step 2, and click on "Registration" to bypass the admission process.

  • Should you decide to become a matriculated student in the future, you may get credit toward a degree for some courses.
  • You may need to complete prerequisite courses and/or placement testing to register for certain courses.

Now Here's What You Need to Apply:

Admissions Application

Fill out an admissions application online or print this application out and mail it to the Admissions Office.

High School Transcripts

Ask your high school to send us your official transcript. Click here to find most of the high schools in this area.

If you graduated 10 or more years ago, you may substitute a high school diploma to meet this requirement by bringing the original diploma to the Admissions Office to verify and copy.

If you have received a high school equivalency diploma (GED or TASCyou can request your official scores from the State Education Department. Please send all transcripts or high school equivalency test scores to:

SUNY Ulster Admissions Office
PO Box 557
Stone Ridge, NY 12484

College Transcripts

Request official transcripts from all post secondary institutions you've attended be sent to:

SUNY Ulster Admissions Office
491 Cottekill Rd.
Stone Ridge, NY 12484

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