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ExpresSemester is the time to Accelerate your Degree!

Finish an entire course in  5 to 12 weeks.

Classes begin September 22nd through November 2nd.

Online Courses

Managerial Accounting             
Medical Terminology                 
Business Communications                            
Computer Appli In Bus - S29              
Business Law II                             
Market Princ & Practices          
Principles of Advertising - S29                               
Business Ethics  - S29                                                
Terrorism & Homeland Security                   
Ethics in Criminal Justice           
Criminal Justice Admin                                   
Juvenile Justice System                                 
Intro to Macroeconomics                             
Earth's Atmosphere & Oceans                     
Western Civilization II   - S29                                 
American History II   - S29                                       
Tutor Training Seminar             
Information Literacy 
General Psychology  - S29                   
Principles of Sociology - S29             
Social Problems                           
Accel Elem Spanish I & II          
Veterinary Medical Terminology - S29 & S30              

Classroom Courses

Understanding Crime/Crim Behav  
Perspect-Police Comm Relations
Intro to Human Services
Information Literacy
Intro to Routing & Switching 
Windows Directory Services    
Advanced Router Configuration                                             
Beginning Sign Language II         

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