Mission & Vision

SUNY Ulster Campus


SUNY Ulster is committed to improving lives by fostering intellectual growth, cultural enrichment, and economic prosperity.
SUNY Ulster is a comprehensive community college dedicated to providing high-quality and cost-effective learning experiences that meet the educational, professional, and individual goals of our students.  Responsive to the broader economic and regional needs of our community, SUNY Ulster prepares students for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow in a diverse, ever-changing, and interconnected global community.

STRATEGIC GOALS 2015  - 2019

Increase the level of student learning and teaching excellence.

Expand enrollment in online and blended programs and courses, and COIL collaborations.

Improve retention and completion rates campus-wide.

           Reduce the percentage of students enrolled in developmental coursework.

Increase the percentage of students who successfully complete gatekeeper courses.

Strengthen our financial position by strategically increasing revenue and reducing costs.

Improve efficiency by creating rubrics for determining feasibility and sustainability of programs and initiatives.

Improve the ratio of full to part time faculty & attract a higher number of qualified part time faculty prospects.

Design and implement a Center for Teaching Excellence to brand our efforts, to increase awareness, and develop and facilitate a professional development program for faculty and staff.

Optimize business and industry relations to provide increased employee training, support business creation and expansion, and assist businesses to improve efficiency and quality assurance.

In conjunction with the SUNY “Big Idea” of SUNY and the Entrepreneurial Century, continue to spread an entrepreneurial mindset among students across campus regardless of major. 

Strategically increase certificate programs related to employment preparation and employ DACUM (Developing a Curriculum) to ensure effectiveness and sustainability.

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