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Request for Proposals

Payroll Services


SUNY Ulster employs approximately 210 full time employees and issues approximately 700 W-2s annually.  Employees are currently paid on a bi-weekly basis and are considered either exempt or non-exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Different schedules are utilized depending on the department.  Employees report to work at several locations.  There are variances in overtime and accrual leave policies, employee deductions, as permitted by law, based on multiple collective bargaining agreements. Currently, the College processes payroll internally utilizing Ellucian Colleague. 

Full RFP for Payroll Services PDF

Cover Letter for Payroll Services RFP



The College’s schedule of events for this Request for Proposals is shown below: 

            December 7, 2017:  Release of Request for Proposals     

            December 18, 2017:  Proposals due                                                 

            December 31, 2017:  Award Determination                                               



All inquiries of both a general and a technical nature should be directed to:

Jennifer Mullan
Assistant Dean of Human Resources



Proposals from firms must include:

  1. Information as to the firm's background and experience with SUNY community colleges, other colleges and universities, or other public sector employers with multiple collective bargaining agreements. SUNY Ulster reserves the right to contact these organizations for reference purposes.
  1. Information as to the size and organizational structure of the firm.
  1. The location of the main office.
  1. The proposals project cost.
  1. An anticipated timeframe within which you expect to implement the project to meet our deadline.
  1. List of the team members.
  1. Responses to questions set forth in Scope and Services section below.



Proposal terms and conditions are: 

1.   All statements contained in this Request for Proposals are made for the purpose of obtaining proposals based on comparable requirements. The final contract will be drawn by SUNY Ulster and may or may not include all the representations included in the Request for Proposals.     

2.   The successful firm shall take out and maintain such public liability and property damage, vehicle, special hazard and workers’ compensation insurance to protect the College from claims for all damage, loss or injury to persons and property which may arise, or be incurred, in or during the conduct of progress of all work without regard to whether the successful firm, his/her agent or employees have been negligent.  Minimum required limits are listed herein.  Successful firm shall provide SUNY Ulster with evidence of this insurance before it is permitted to work.



All replies to this RFP should be returned to:

SUNY Ulster
Purchasing Department
Att: Stephen Gallart
491 Cottekill Road
Stone Ridge, NY 12484 

Proposals may be mailed or hand delivered, but must be received no later than 4:00 pm on December 18, 2017.  Each Firm is responsible for the timely delivery of its Proposal.  Reliance upon mail or other carriers is at the Firm’s own risk.  Proposals received after the due date and time will not be considered.

Responses to this RFP must be submitted in triplicate

Failure to respond to all points may be grounds for rejection.  SUNY Ulster reserves the right to request additional information as needed.



SUNY Ulster seeks a payroll vendor to provide expert outsourcing of payroll processing and related payroll services and successfully provide these services to the meet the payroll, human resource and general ledger needs of the College.  Scope of services include providing a time and labor recording system, processing bi-weekly payroll for entire employee base, providing ability to include and track employee leave, providing online access for employee self-service, reporting  and filing of quarterly and annual taxes and tax deposits, and HRIS service capabilities (not to be included in this stage of RFP but capabilities identified).  To that end, submitting vendors should respond fully to the following:

  1. Describe the underlying technology that supports your payroll software.
  2. Describe all of the payroll services your company provides (i.e., payroll processing, tax filings, garnishments, etc.)
  3. Describe the standard process and timeline for running payroll.
  4. Indicate if live checks can be generated on-site.
  5. Indicate if there are limitations on the number of pay cycles or on the number of earning and deduction codes.
  6. Describe the process for handling prior period adjustments, including the turnaround time to pay employees any missed pay.
  7. Describe integration capabilities with College’s current software for general ledger.
  8. Provide the training and implementation, support that is required, recommended and available for proposed software product.
  9. Provide a suggested implementation schedule, including major milestones.
  10. Explain how custom modifications in reporting can be made by the College.
  11. Describe employee self-service features of software.
  12. Provide overview of vendors’ optional products and services, including HRIS systems for applicant tracking, onboarding, performance and training management, benefit enrollment, and benefit administration.
  13. Explain ability of system to process mass changes of variable amounts (such as benefit deductions, salary increases).
  14. Please describe your recommended approach for training HR/Payroll functional users and other users (primarily College staff accessing the system via self service)
  15. Please indicate any other legal entity the vendor would contract with to provide services to College.  If this legal entity is an independently operating division or subsidiary of another company, describe fully and indicate vendor’s experience working with this organization.
  16. Provide any additional information that the College should consider in its evaluation of proposals. 



Each proposal submitted will be reviewed and evaluated by a committee composed of appropriate SUNY Ulster officials.  Proposals will be judged according to the following criteria:

  1. Qualifications and relevant experience of the payroll vendor
  2. Vendor’s ability to address SUNY Ulster’s payroll processing needs
  3. The firms understanding of the scope and administration of the project
  4. Training capabilities and implementation planning and approach
  5. Customer service/technical service response and issue resolution
  6. Alignment of vendor’s technology direction with the College
  7. HRIS capabilities and integration with payroll processing software
  8. Proposal Cost


  1. SUNY Ulster reserves the right to reject any or all proposals received.  Non-acceptance of a proposal shall mean that another proposal was deemed more advantageous to SUNY Ulster, or that all proposals were rejected.
  2. Each respondent should include in its written proposal its best pricing offer as well as all requirements, terms or conditions it may have, and should not assume that an opportunity will exist to add such matters or modify their proposal after the proposal has been submitted.
  3. SUNY Ulster personnel will evaluate all proposals properly submitted in response to this RFP.
  4. SUNY Ulster reserves the right in awarding a contract to consider the qualifications of the firms, as well as the amounts of the various proposals.  The contract may not necessarily be awarded to the firm which proposes the lowest pricing offer.  SUNY Ulster reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals and to waive any irregularities or informalities and to award the contract in the best interest of SUNY Ulster.



Architectural/Engineering Consultant

SUNY Ulster (the College) is seeking qualifications for an architectural/engineering (Mechanical, Electrical and plumbing) consultant for a three year term to provide design and construction services to the campus. The term agreement will allow the College to negotiate the scope of services and fees for various projects.

View the entire RFP posting here.


Proposals are due by January 29, 2018 at 4 pm, Offeror must:

  1. Prepare a clearly readable document. Attach all required information.
  2. Sign the qualifications submittal. By signing you indicate full knowledge and acceptance of this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) including Exhibits A, A-1 and Attachment A Article 15a. The proposal must be completed in the name of the proposer, corporate or otherwise, and must be fully and properly executed by an authorized person.
  3. Provide 3 (3) sets (1 original and 2 copies) of the Consultant Questionnaire and support material stapled or bound together with a cover page that indicates the project number and title noted on the Request for Qualifications, if any. Consultants should also complete and submit with their Qualifications Packages the following: Completed Form XIII (Public Officers Law) initialed Exhibit A and Exhibit A1; Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire (if appropriate), completed Procurement Lobbying Law Forms, and Completed Consultant Disclosure Legislation form A. This material is non-returnable. To reiterate: Any firm submitting a Qualification package/Proposal must submit 3 sets (1 Original and 2 copies) of their entire package. Proposals are to be addressed to:
    SUNY Ulster

    Purchasing Department
    Att: Stephen Gallart
    491 Cottekill Road
    Stone Ridge, NY 12484

  4. Qualifications shall be received by (Contract Administrator) by the due date and time listed above. Offerors mailing their qualifications must allow sufficient time to ensure receipt of their proposals by the time specified. Electronically or Fax transmitted qualifications will not be accepted.
  5. No cost proposals are to be submitted with the qualifications. Cost proposals will be requested only after a consultant selection is made.
  6. Required documentation to be submitted is listed below:
      1. Exhibit A (initialed on each page)
      2. Exhibit A1 (initialed on each page)
      3. Encouraging Use of NY State Businesses in Contract Performance (Attachment B)
      4. Consultant Questionnaire
      5. Consultant’s EEO Policy Statement
      6. Sub-consultant Information
      7. Vendor Responsibility Form
      8. Form XIII (Public Officers Law)
      9. Form A Policy and Procedure of the SUNY Relating to State Finance Law
      10. Form B Affirmation with Respect to State Finance Law Form
      11. Form C Disclosure and Certification with Respect to State Finance Law Form
      12. Form D Procurement Lobbying Law Record of Contact
      13. Form 104 MWBE EEO Policy Statement
      14. Form 107 MWBE Utilization Plan
      15. Form 109 Part I Campus’ Consultant/Contractor Affidavit
      16. Form 109 Part II Campus’ Consultant/Contractor Affidavit



We are small and tight knit – a place where faculty and staff will know your name. But we're also part of a large and dynamic state-wide higher educational system as one of 64 unique learning environments in the State University of New York. And we are proud to be a part of the Power of SUNY and contributing economically to our region's prosperity.

We are rural, located in the Hudson Valley with views of the nearby Shawangunk Mountains (or the "Gunks" as they are called locally), yet we're close to cities like Kingston, NY's first capital, the artists' communities of Woodstock and New Paltz, and an easy ride into New York City for a day or night.

We are close to home for many of our students but we'll also take you anywhere in the world you want to go with International Studies and our Study Abroad program.

We're practical and understand the realities of budgeting for college, time pressures and about having other family responsibilities. Yet we know how to have fun, celebrate success, and make coming to class something to look forward to.

You might be surprised to find award-winning writers, renowned performers and innovative visual artists regularly conducting programs with our students; a dedicated and top-notch faculty focused on students instead of research; or an outstanding theater, music and intercollegiate (NJCAA) competition athletics program right in your backyard. But that's exactly what you'll find here on a regular basis.

We know college can be financially difficult, but we're here to show you how SUNY Ulster is within your reach with financial aid, scholarships and other assistance.

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Scope of Services

The services indicated below shall include, but not be limited to the following: The consultant must be able to assess various projects throughout the campus such as specialized renovations and relocation and assign the proper professionals to determine the needs of the College. Then the consultant will use the information gathered to prepare documents pertaining to a particular project. In addition to complete drawings and specifications, the consultant shall provide an estimate for applicable construction services.

Program Budget

To be determined.

Basic Design Fee

Fee shall be negotiated with the most qualified consultant.

General Conditions

The following items will be incorporated into, and made part of, the formal agreement: (1) SUNY’s RFQ; (2) the Successful Offeror's proposal; (3) Exhibit A, Standard Contract Clauses; (4) Exhibit A-1, Affirmative Action Clauses; and, (5) Exhibit B, Procurement Lobbying Form. In the event of any inconsistency in or conflict among the document elements of the agreement described above, such inconsistency or conflict shall be resolved by giving precedence to the document elements in the following order: (1) Exhibits A and A-1; (2) Exhibit B, (3) the Agreement; (4) this RFQ; and (5) the Successful Offeror's proposal.

View the entire RFP posting here.





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