Winter Sessions

December 26 - January 14, 2017

Winter Net  

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Visiting students can transfer credits. Request transcripts here.

Online Courses

BIO109 S10 Human Biology Decker, N  
BUS171 Computer Applications In Business Ormandy P  


NOTE: BUS 171−S10 is PC−oriented and does not support the use of MAC computers.      

BUS201 Business Law I Frampton J  
BUS202 Business Law II Frampton J  
ECO101  Intro to Macroeconomics Denvir C  
ESC101  Earth’s Atmosphere & Oceans Helgers K  
HIS101 Western Civilization I   Harris N  
HIS213 Ancient Rome: Republic & Empire Harris N  
LIB111 Information Literacy Gruner M  
LIB111 Information Literacy Lynchard N  
PSY101 General Psychology Lynchard N  
PSY101 General Psychology Lynchard N  
PSY203 Abnormal Psychology Hobbs J  
SPA102 Elementary Spanish II  Bruegging K  
SPA201 Intermediate Spanish I Caban M  


Blended Course: In Class with an Online Component

LIB111 Information Literacy 1/2-1/6 MTWRF   009:30−12:00pm

Wozencraft K 

CHE203 Organic Chemistry Lab 1/2-1/6 MTWR F 008:30-005:30pm

 Cassidy R

  NOTE: LIB 111−11B is a blended course which meets in the classroom and has an online component. 


Certificate of Residency
Students who are residents of NY State, but not Ulster County will be required to submit a Certificate of Residency in order to be eligible for the in-county tuition rate. The Certificate of Residency form is due within 30 days of the start of the semester otherwise the tuition will be double.







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