Ulster Community College Foundation, Inc.

The Ulster Community College Foundation was established in 1976 and incorporated in 1996 as a 501(c)3 charity.

As the traditional role of community college foundations has expanded from simply repositories for scholarship funds to a source of funding for new initiatives, the Foundation has stepped up to assist the college with support for a broad spectrum of academic programs including science and technology, nursing, the fine and performing arts, and faculty innovation. The Foundation is also committed to provide supplemental support for a full calendar of special events that feature world renowned artists and performers in presentations that are opened to the community.

Although the Foundation has partnered with the college in many new areas, the Board of Directors continues to take pride in its role as steward of the College's scholarship program that remains at the heart of its mission. More than $150,000 in scholarships was awarded in 2011, with $2.8 million given to 4,500 students since inception.

The Ulster Community College Foundation's
success rests upon the generosity of its dedicated and farsighted donors whose contributions have helped SUNY Ulster retain its position as a highly respected and vibrant institution at the forefront of New York's community colleges. Hand in hand, the Foundation, students, faculty, administrators, and community members work together, supporting SUNY Ulster's goal of sustaining excellence in academic standards and providing educational opportunities in cutting edge industries that are vital to meet the challenges of the new millennium.

Please consider making a gift to the Foundation to help us to continue a legacy of high quality, accessible, and affordable education for members of our immediate community and throughout the region.

Each year the Foundation issues a newsletter, Access and Opportunity, highlighting the Foundation's programs and how they benefit both the students and the College. Click here to read the current issue.  Previous issues are available here.


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