Power of SUNY

The Power of SUNY refers to the economic impact generated by the 64 campuses of SUNY, and SUNY's capacity to innovate, help new businesses succeed, and populate the workforce with skilled, educated New Yorkers.

To revitalize the economy of New York and enhance the quality of life, SUNY Has developed Six Big Ideas to which energy and resources will be committed:
  • SUNY and the Entrepreneurial Century
  • SUNY and the Seamless Education Pipeline
  • SUNY and a Healthier New York
  • SUNY and an Energy-Smart New York
  • SUNY and the Vibrant Community
  • SUNY and the World

Some SUNY Ulster initiatives key to the mission of The Power of SUNY Include

  • Clean Energy Technology Training Consortium – Six community colleges pooling their resources to provide the training needed by the region's growing 'green' businesses.
  • Darlene L. Pfeiffer Center for Entrepreneurial Studies - Housed in the college's Business and Professional Studies Department, will develop collaborative programs for students, faculty, alumni, entrepreneurs, business leaders, mentors, and government agencies to work together on entrepreneurial projects, with an emphasis on technology and sustainability.
  • Real World Classroom – An active learning technique that gives students valuable career experience by working on projects for real clients in the community.
  • Study Abroad – SUNY Ulster has an active study abroad program, taking students and community members on trips to Panama, Brazil, London, Spain and more. Ulster's goals are to facilitate an international exchange of knowledge, gain an understanding of different peoples, improve career potential and gain greater independence.
  • The Enhancing College Readiness Program
    Building an Educational Pipeline: College Readiness in English and Math in the Race to the Top - Five years ago SUNY Ulster piloted a program where Wallkill High School seniors were offered the College's developmental writing course in the first half of their senior year and then the opportunity to complete ENG 101 in the last half of their senior year. The pilot was extraordinarily successful, with students achieving college readiness upon high school graduation so they were not spending valuable time and financial aid completing developmental coursework as college freshman. A similar path has been established with Math and this approach is being adopted by other high schools.
  • SUNY Ulster Arts - Courses of study and special arts programming in art and design play a high-profile role at SUNY Ulster. Known regionally as a quality venue for the arts, Ulster offers successful degree programs in music , theater, fine and graphic arts and is home to one of the area's premier college galleries. The College offers numerous artist series featuring regional and national renowned artists in the visual, performing and literary arts. SUNY Ulster's Artist-in-Residence Series, the Visiting Artist Series, the Library Writers Series and the Poetry Series are examples of a long-time tradition of presenting distinctive artists to our community.





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