First Year Experience

FYE 101

Learning Center

Credits: 1

This course exposes students to various skills, techniques and strategies that have been identified as high impact practices most likely to positively impact college success. These skills include knowledge and tips on college transition, planning, note-taking, studying, time management, technology, awareness as self-learners and other academic skills as well as thorough gaining an awareness of campus resources available to support student success. This course is also designed to integrate foundational SUNY Ulster Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILO's) into each new student's learning experience. This one-credit course is required for all first time college students matriculated in a degree program, including Early College students, former Collegian students now attending the College and students with no prior college experience. Students who matriculate prior to accumulating 12 credits will be required to take this course the semester of matriculation. Students who are currently enrolled in or have completed KEY 103 or COS 101 have met the requirement for FYE 101.

This course is not scheduled during the Summer 2023 semester.





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