EssentialCommunications in CRJ

CRJ 107

Criminal Justice & Human Services

Credits: 3

This course examines criminal justice report writing as a process, with emphasis on blending information, form, and written and oral expression to develop a clear, concise, and accurate account of an incident/event. Emphasis will be placed on the field notebook in investigations and recording incident details. We will also discuss the field notebook's use in recording relevant facts and details so that they may be referenced at a later time for report writing. The report writing process will incorporate the use of word processing software as utilized by various criminal justice agencies. Finally, the process of judicial presentation and an explanation of evidentiary issues will be practiced in the classroom and a simulated criminal justice setting.

We currently offer the following 1 classes in this course:

EssentialCommunications in CRJ

Section: CRJ107 02

CRN: 82891

Type: Lecture

Instructor: Thomas M. D'Amicantonio

Term: Fall 2021

Fees: Technology Fee $65

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Class Schedule

Dates: 2021-08-23 - 2021-12-15
Location: Online





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