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Full Stack Web Developer Information Session

Interested in Full Stack Web Development? Join us to discuss your training options. Add to what you already know or start the program with little or no knowledge. Finish the program in less than one year. To register, contact Barbara Reer at 845-802-7171.

12/11      4-5pm      KSCU-Kingston      FREE


Full Stack Web Developer - Classroom Fast Track

This program is designed to prepare students for a career in Web Application development. This program is made up of four core programs offered during the daytime on Fridays.  Students can select to take one course or all four courses. To register online click on the course title, or call 845-339-2025.


Web Design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Accessibility, Usability) – Introductory level

In this 15-hour course, students will study the Client-Server Architecture of the World Wide Web, Static vs. Dynamic Web Pages, Accessibility and Usability Heuristics, Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript and Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language (DHTML). Instructor: C. Marcello

DCB 2145-01           F              9/29-10/13             9am-3pm                                KSU         $299


Web Development (PHP Programming) – Intermediate level

Students will continue on to learn PHP Server-Side-Scripting, AJAX, PHP POST and GET Methods, PHP Functions, Programmer-Defined Functions and PHP Development and Testing. Instructor: C. Marcello

Prerequisite: Introduction to Web Design

DCB 2146-01           F              10/20-11/3            9am-3pm                                KSU         $299


Database Design and Development (MySQL) – Intermediate level

In this intermediate course, students will learn Relational Database Basics, Normalization and Data Integrity, Entity Relational Data Modeling, Structured Query Language (SQL) and Advanced Structured Query Language Commands. Instructor: C. Marcello

Prerequisite: Web Design and Web Development

DCB 2147-01           F              11/10-12/1             9am-3pm                                KSU         $299


Building an E-Commerce Data-Driven Website in PHP/MySQL– Advanced level

Students ready for advanced level learning will learn how to Create a Database-Driven Online Store, Connecting to the MySQL Database Using PHP, Create a Database-Driven Product Catalog, Create a Database-Driven Shopping Cart and Create a Database-Driven Purchase and Checkout System. Instructor: C. Marcello

Prerequisite: Web Design, Web Development, Database Design and Development

DCB 2148-01           F              12/8-22                   9am-3pm                                KSU         $299



This course covers the fundamentals of computer problem solving and programming and is recommended for those with little or no knowledge in the Computer Science field. Topics includes: program development process, differences between the object-oriented, structured, and functional programming methodologies, phases of language translation (compiling, interpreting, linking, executing), and error conditions associated with each phase, primitive data types, memory representation, variables, expressions, assignment, fundamental programming constructs (sequence, selection, iteration), algorithms for solving simple problems, tracing execution, subprograms/functions/methods, parameter passing, secure coding techniques (criteria for selections of a specific type and use, input data validation), and professional behavior in response to ethical issues inherent in computing. The Java programming language is used. Instructor: J. Sheehan

Corequisite: MAT 115 or equivalent or permission of the instructor

CSC 150-S01            Online                     8/28-12/19                       $780

DCB 2160-01            Online                     8/28-12/19                       $780

Students can select from one of four instructional options; first select credit or not for credit and then select classroom learning or online learning. The DCB course is a non-credit option for the 4-credit CSC course. Students will be expected to do all homework assignments and quizzes but no grade will be awarded. For assistance in selecting a course, please contact SUNY Ulster at 845-802-7171 or reerb@sunyulster.edu

Please refer to the current college catalog for the complete and latest course descriptions.





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