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With the health and safety of our students and our community as our number one priority, SUNY Ulster’s administration, faculty, and staff have planned reentry scenarios through the engagement of SUNY Ulster’s Reentry Task Force.

A number of elements have contributed to our thinking, as SUNY Ulster’s actions are guided by federal, state, county, and SUNY directives.

We surveyed you during and after  our unexpected pivot to remote learning in the spring. You responded by the hundreds. We listened. Your feedback was carefully considered, cataloged, and shared. The descriptions of your experiences were drivers for many of the discussions the faculty and staff engaged in as we work to provide the best possible learning outcome for you this fall.

SUNY Ulster’s comprehensive reentry plan encompassing the needs of all members of our community can be accessed here.  This plan was approved and certified by SUNY and is subject to change in the event of  new information, guidance, and/or direction from the State.  

Faculty and the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty have been reviewing all course sections to determine how each will be delivered.  

SUNY Ulster is offering four, high-quality learning modalities for instruction in the fall 2020 semester, which will commence on Monday, August 24, per the existing academic calendar.  

These are: remote delivery of all course content; remote delivery of lecture content with on-campus* lab, clinical, studio; blended or hybrid courses; and fully online courses.  An updated course schedule highlighting our fall 2020 learning modalities will be available in the coming weeks.

Asynchronous (accessed at your convenience) and synchronous (remote delivery at regularly scheduled times) content will be used with the above options.  Any on-campus lab, clinical or studio activities will be conducted following social distancing and reduced density protocols with course objectives determining on-site need.

*On-campus learning experiences will be limited to those courses that require critical hands-on lab, clinical and practical components, such as STEM, Fashion Design, Nursing, Veterinary Technology, Criminal Justice and Human Services, Police Basic Training, Art, Music, and Continuing and Professional Education. 

Log-in to to access videos on our Fall 2020 learning possibilities.

Any Fall 2020 in-person instruction will be prepared to pivot to remote learning modalities if needed.  Additionally, we are prepared to serve students who are required to undergo a 14-day quarantine.

On-site staff operations will remain limited to ensure social distancing and to maintain a reduced campus density. Each department has created a departmental safety and staffing plan, these plans outline new departmental procedures and on-site staffing levels. Each department will have limited face-to-face services available by appointment.  As this plan is subject to change due to new information, guidance, and/or direction from the State and County, staffwill prepare for a return to remote operations on a daily basis.

There is a process available for faculty, staff and students who may have health issues or concerns related to COVID-19 to request ADA accommodations:

  • Students who are at high risk for COVID-19 or are otherwise concerned about their safety in face to face classes should speak with their advisor to choose remote or distance learning  courses. Students who are scheduled for face to face lab or clinical components should work with their faculty member and the Affirmative Action Officer (Jamie Capuano, Vice President for Administrative Services to determine appropriate accommodations to such requirements.  

Please know that throughout this pandemic, one thing has remained constant. We your faculty advisorsEOP and TRIO advisors, Partner advisors, and SUNY Ulster Staff are here for you. 


SUNY Ulster Testing Resources:

SUNY Ulster is proud to announce that beginning the week of October 19,  all on-site Management Confidential and CSEA employees will be participating in pool COVID-19 testing.  Here is a link to access SUNY Ulster’s approved Fall 2020 Testing Plan.

We are working with union representation on continued next steps for testing within our community.  The following Student Pooled Testing Communicationwas shared with students on October 16, 2020.  Here is the link to access the student testingcalendar.

For purposes of testing, "on-site" means employees who report to work on the Stone Ridge or Kingston Center campus on a regular basis.

This testing is being conducted in partnership with SUNY Upstate Medical.  Pool testing determines if the combined sample of a group is positive or negative for COVID-19.

Pool testing is an FDA-approved technique in which up to twelve saliva samples are collected and combined into one specimen, or “pool.” This model of testing allows more individuals to be tested at one time and provides a quicker turnaround of testing results. On-site testing ensures earlier detection of positive cases and reduces the risk of community spread. 

  • Negative Pool Results: If a pooled sample tests negative, then all individuals within that pool are presumed negative.
  • Positive Pool Results: If a pool test comes back positive, SUNY Upstate will conduct a second individual test, known as a reflex test, using the initial oral swab, to determine which individual(s) within the pool has COVID-19.  
  • Positive pool results will be immediately run for a diagnostic test. Individual diagnostic results will be available in 24 hours. 
  • Students identified in a positive pool will be required to self-isolate while awaiting individual results and will not be allowed to access campus until individual results are determined.

Mandatory Quarantine Directives

Students, faculty and staff who receive mandatory quarantine directives from the Department of Health are not permitted on the Stone Ridge or Kingston Center campuses during the quarantine period.

In addition, any mandatory quarantine documentation from the Department of Health must be filed with SUNY Ulster's Health Services Department (  

Students will be contacted regarding alternative plans for coursework via remote formats during the mandated quarantine period. 

Faculty and staff should contact Ken Juras, Dean for Administration Operations and Human Resources Management at 687-5108

COVID-19 Help Resources


Fall 2020 Student FAQ



Campus offices, including those of the Registrar, Financial Aid, Student Accounts, TRIO, Library, EOP,  Mental Health, Enrollment and Success Center, Disabilities Services, and CAPS (tutoring) are functioning by remote operation. (Meet your support staff)

Employees are conducting business by phone, email  and videoconferencing. Email or telephone these offices, and your call or email will be returned promptly. 

Do not come to campus to access these services. The exception is accomodations proctoring, and this must be pre-arranged with Disability Services at disability_services@

If you need assistance, campus offices may be reached through the following emails:


Disability Services/Testing Center   

If your instructor assigns an exercise or a test, you can come to Hasbrouck Hall on the Stone Ridge Campus for pre-scheduled appointments.  Please email testingcenter@, or, at least 48 hours prior to the event to schedule an appointment to come to the testing center. The testing center will make you aware of a time to come to campus to complete the exercise or test.

If you have questions or concerns, please email Director of Disability Services Sonia Levine (


Counseling Services

SUNY Ulster counseling services are still available to all through telehealth services.  You can request an appointment with Keith Baker LCSW, CASAC through the portal by going to Student Resources- Academic and Student Support Resources- Counseling Services.  When you request the appointment, a video link for telehealth will be sent to you with your appointment confirmation.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR THE APPOINTMENT CONFIRMATION AFTER YOU MAKE THE COUNSELING REQUEST.  
At the time of your appointment, please make sure that you are in a quiet, private area where you are able to speak confidentially and freely.  Also, wearing headphones is advisable as they will help minimize any feedback.  
You can also email or call 687-5192 to reach Linda Farina MPS, CASAC-G and she will get back to you via email or leave a number to call. 


Additional Resources

Ulster County COVID-19 Information


The Food Pantry at SUNY Ulster

Weekly access to the Pantry at SUNY Ulster commenced March 23.  An electronic form and information is located on the College’s website.  Stone Ridge orders will be picked up in the lobby of Hasbrouck Hall (next to to Public Safety) and KCSU orders will be picked up in the main lobby (next to Public Safety) on Thursdays beginning at 9 :30 a.m.


Lights for Learning

The Ulster Community College Foundation Inc. has relocated off-site and is working daily to support SUNY Ulster faculty, students, and staff during these challenging times.  We will do our best to review and process (as funds permit) any request for assistance and to use creative measures to obtain and deliver the assistance you need. 

Please know that our Lights for Learning Student Emergency Funding is accepting applications now.  Students should be prepared to list a faculty or staff member from SUNY ULster who can act as a reference for the application for assistance.  Students should complete the application at: https://sunyulster.  opportunities/792 


ACCESS: Supports for Living (ASFL) 

is continuing to operate its Mobile Mental Health Team in Ulster County, 7 days a week from 10am-10pm. There team includes licensed clinicians, bachelor’s level practitioners and people with experience. Staff remain available to provide support for any individuals in Ulster County experiencing an emotional or mental health crisis during this difficult time. They will continue to provide face to face outreach on a case by case basis. There skilled staff will assess the acute mental health needs of the individual and the risk of exposure to COVID-19 virus for both ACCESS employees and the community.


If you have a concern for anyone in crisis, please reach out: 844-277-4820   

Ulster County Mobile  Mental Health Team



Meet Your Support Staff







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