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covid 19 information

SUNY Ulster’s comprehensive reentry plan encompassing the needs of all members of our community can be accessed here.  This plan was approved and certified by SUNY and is subject to change in the event of  new information, guidance, and/or direction from the State. 

All on-site employees, students and visitors shall wear a face covering when social distancing cannot be consistently maintained and whenever walking throughout College facilities. PPE devices, including disposable face masks will be provided, at no cost, at all health services check in points.  

Hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting protocols provided by the CDC cleaning guidelines are maintained throughout our facilities.

On-site staff operations will remain limited to ensure social distancing and to maintain a reduced campus density. Each department has created a departmental safety and staffing plan, these plans outline new departmental procedures and on-site staffing levels. Each department will have limited face-to-face services available by appointment.  As this plan is subject to change due to new information, guidance, and/or direction from the State and County, staffwill prepare for a return to remote operations on a daily basis.

There is a process available for faculty, staff, and students who may have health issues or concerns related to COVID-19 to request ADA accommodations.

  • Faculty and staff who have health issues that result in a higher risk factor related to COVID-19 should file appropriate documentation for accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Employees  should work with the Human Resources Department and the Affirmative Action Officer (Jamie Capuano, Vice President for Administrative Services  to complete appropriate ADA paperwork and make an appropriate accommodation plan. 

Non-ADA Related Flexibility 

A majority of course work will be delivered through remote or distance learning platforms.  On-site instruction will be limited to selective labs and clinical coursework.  Faculty who reside with, or are the primary caregiver to individuals who are at higher risk for COVID-19, should work with their Department Chair, the Vice President of Academic Affairs. and the Human Resources Department to develop remote work plans that meet the needs of students.   

Each department has developed an operational safety and staffing plan.  These plans include a mandatory reduced density for each department with rotating on-site operations as needed to complete core departmental functions.  If a staff member lives with, or is a primary caregiver to an individual who is at a higher risk for COVID-19, the staff member should work with their Supervisor and the Human Resources Department to develop a remote work plan that meets the needs of the department while taking consideration of the staff member’s needs.   

Students who reside with, or are primary caregivers to individuals at a higher risk for COVID-19, and who are scheduled for face to face lab or clinical components should work with their faculty member and the Affirmative Action Officer (Jamie Capuano, Vice President for Administrative Services to determine appropriate accommodations to such requirements.  

SUNY Ulster Testing Resources:

SUNY Ulster is proud to announce that beginning the week of October 19,  all on-site Management Confidential, OPAP and CSEA Employees will be participating in pool COVID-19 testing.  Here is a link to access SUNY Ulster’s approved Fall 2020 Testing Plan.

We are working with union representation on continued next steps for testing within our community.  

Safety Protocols and Reporting


Access to Stone Ridge Campus and KCSU is restricted to faculty, staff and students who need to be on-site. All other public access is not allowed at this time.  Limited access is being provided on a case by case basis for pre-approved County and State events/training.

Everyone coming to campus must upon arrival report to Public Safety, located in Hasbrouck 133 or the lobby of KCSU, to sign in and have their temperature taken. 

Please avoid parking in the fire lane when arriving at HAS to sign in. This creates congestion and can block emergency access to the building in the event of an emergency.



Upon entering the lobby of HAS on the Stone Ridge Campus or the KCSU, approach the wall thermometer to have your temperature taken.  Then approach the station and swipe your SUNY Ulster ID on the wall swipe card reader.  If you do not have your SUNY Ulster ID you can check in with the College Nurse's station.  You will be given a colored wristband at the culmination of the check-in process daily.

Anyone with a temperature in excess of 100 F will be asked to leave campus and check with their local physician. 

All on-site employees, students and visitors shall wear a face covering when social distancing cannot be consistently maintained and whenever walking throughout College facilities.  PPE devices, including disposable face masks and/or face shields will be provided, at no cost, at all health services check in points. 


Protocol for Requesting Personal Protective Equipment and Housekeeping Supplies: 

To request additional, or new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) please send an email to

Available PPE includes face masks, gloves and other items as needed.  Please include quantity for all requested PPE and delivery location.  For immediate requests, please contact Public Safety directly at extension 5023.

For housekeeping needs including hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies including disinfectant, please contact Don Steward at Please include quantity and delivery location for all housekeeping materials.  Due to shipping delays, and backordered products, please provide advance notice of all housekeeping needs.  



Any student, faculty, staff member (or independent contractor engaging with SUNY Ulster) traveling internationally or from the areas under a travel advisory as outlined by Governor Cuomomust adhere to the 14 day quarantine.  During the quarantine period, they will not be allowed to report to the College’s Stone Ridge Campus or the Kingston Center of SUNY Ulster. 

  1. If the employee is not scheduled to work on-site, such employee may continue to work remotely during this quarantine period and will not be required to charge accruals.
  2. As of July 20, 2020, employees who are scheduled to work on-site must use their accruals for days they are scheduled to be on-site during the 14 day quarantine, or if accruals are unavailable, then the time will be unpaid.

Students who are required to undergo a 14-day quarantine will be permitted to complete coursework through remote operations and course delivery.

Online health form as required by New York State must also be completed online.

Faculty, staff and students can take a screenshot of the last page and submit a copy to SUNY Ulster’s Health Services Team (, who will keep this documentation on file.

Faculty and staff should discuss travel plans to impacted states with supervisors and reach out to SUNY Ulster’s Human Resources Team ( with any questions.

All employees are required to report positive cases of COVID-19 testing to the Human Resources Department ( Employees are not required to report positive antibody results.



Students, faculty and staff who receive mandatory quarantine directives from the Department of Health are not permitted on the Stone Ridge or Kingston Center campuses during the quarantine period.

In addition, any mandatory quarantine documentation from the Department of Health must be filed with SUNY Ulster's Health Services Department (  

Students will be contacted regarding alternative plans for coursework via remote formats during the mandated quarantine period. 

Faculty and staff should contact Ken Juras, Dean for Administration Operations and Human Resources Management at 687-5108







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