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Senator SamCODE OF CONDUCT - As a representative of SUNY Ulster and the Intercollegiate Athletics Department, the following are basic expectations and standards required for your participation. Failure to uphold these expectations and standards may jeopardize your participation.

Conduct yourself in a mature and reasonable manner on campus and off campus at all times. You will be expected to display respectful behaviors towards all members of the college and the extended community. This is to include our faculty, staff, coaches, spectators, teammates, officials, and opposing team members. 

Attend classes in accordance of the instructors attendance policy, complete and submit assignments on time and achieve passing grades on all required tests, projects, and papers. Always be attentive in class and put forth the effort required to succeed. Realize that academics takes priority over all athletic related activities.  Students that are eligible to compete in the NJCAA but have a GPA below a 2.20 will be required to attend study hall four hours per week while in session. Study halls are available and located in the Learning Center, Writing Center, and Math Center. 

Be truthful and honest in all your communications with faculty, staff, and athletic staff. This includes information compiled on the NJCAA Eligibility Affadavit. Failure to truthfully report information on the NJCAA eligibility form, by rule, renders you ineligible for competition.  Be aware for the time requirements for practices, games, and travel. Submit early dismissal forms for away athletic events to your instructors in advance of game dates, additionally collect all necessary study material during your absence from class. Be proactive in managing your class schedule to avoid issues as it relates to course requirements.

Take advantage of the services and facilities available to you. Discuss your goals with your coach and your academic adviser. Become familiar with the library, the learning center, computer labs, and student services.  Avoid situations within the structure of on campus and off campus circumstances that could result in legal disciplinary proceedings. 





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