Sample Math Exam


Question: 1 – 4

Pre-algebra: Decimals

Question: 5 – 8

Pre-algebra: Fractions

Question: 9 -10

Pre-algebra: Ratios Rates

Question: 11

Pre-algebra: Order of Operations

Question: 12

Intro to Algebra: Manipulating Expressions

Question: 13

Algebra: Basic Equations with Parentheses

Question: 14

Algebra: Basic Old school Equations

Question: 15

Algebra: Multi-step Inequalities

Question: 16

Intro to Algebra: Two Steps Equations 

Question: 17

Intro to Algebra: Substitution

Question: 18

Algebra: Polynomial Expressions, Equations, & Functions

Question: 19

Algebra: Multiplying Polynomials by Monomials

Question: 20

Algebra: Multiplying Binomials

Question: 21 - 22

Algebra: Exponent Properties

Question: 23

Algebra: Writing Slope-Intercept Equations

Question: 24

Algebra: Forms of Two-Variable Linear Equations

Question: 26

Algebra: Factoring Polynomials by Taking Common Factors

Question: 27

Algebra: Factoring Quadratics Intro

Question: 28

Algebra: Factoring Quadratics | Difference of Squares

Question: 29

Algebra: Factoring Quadratics by Grouping

Question: 30 -31

Algebra: Solving Quadratics by Factoring

Algebra: Solving Quadratics by Taking Square Roots

Algebra: Solving Quadratics Using the Quadratic Formula

Question: 32

Algebra: Simplifying Rational Expressions

Question: 33

Algebra: Multiplying & Dividing Rational Expressions

Question 34:

Algebra I: Simplifying Square Roots

Question 35:

Algebra: Adding and Simplifying Radicals

Question 36:

Algebra: Multiplying Binomials with Radicals

Algebra: Multiplying Radical Expressions (YouTube video)

Question: 37

Pre-Algebra: Negative Exponents

Question: 38

Algebra: Solving Rational Equations

Question: 39

Algebra II: Solving Square-Root Equations

Question: 40

Algebra: Quadratic Standard Form

Algebra: Features & Forms of Quadratic Functions





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