American Rescue Act

Special Conditions Guidance

Students who have experienced negative financial circumstances could be eligible for an adjustment of their financial aid award. For example, due to the COVID-19 pandemic some employers have shut down, reduced work hours or furloughed employees. Additionally, illness may have affected a student or parent's ability to work. These adjustments are possible due to Professional Judgement flexibility which is provided to financial aid offices by the Higher Education Act of 1965. The intent is to help students when possible. Here are some examples of Professional Judgement scenarios:      
  • Loss of job/reduction of work hours
  • Reduction in or loss of benefits
  • Death in the immediate family
  • One time lump sum payment 
Use this 2021-22 Special conditions form with the attached appropriate documentation to request a review of your account. You can mail, fax, email or drop off your completed form to the Financial Aid Office.
Please note that all Special Conditions requests are at the discretion of the campus and based on federal financial aid regulations. Such requests are completed on a case by case basis and all decisions are final. All efforts will be made to assist students within the guidelines.    





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