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Getting Started: 

Students with documented disabilities are eligible to receive academic accommodations in college.  Students can arrange academic accommodations by submitting disability documentation to SUNY Ulster’s Disability Services Coordinator, Sonia Levine.  Students who plan to request academic accommodations should visit or call Disability Services.  Students should request accommodations and services early, so the College can make the necessary arrangements.  Acceptable disability documentation is eithe:

  1. A psycho-educational evaluation, neuro-psych evaluation, or psychological evaluation


  1. An IEP or 504 plan WITH assessments listed above or other supporting evaluations  


  1. A disability verification form completed by an appropriate professional (link to PDF) WITH assessments listed above or other supporting evaluations 

What’s Available:

SUNY Ulster’s faculty and staff are aware of the needs that students with disabilities have. The College will assist eligible students with the process of acquiring testing and classroom accommodations.  The Testing Center (link to PDF) in HAS 101 provides proctoring for students with approved testing accommodations by request.  All of the classrooms on the Stone Ridge campus are wheelchair accessible.  Elevators throughout the campus offer students access to all levels of the campus.  Many of the restrooms are designed to accommodate those with disabilities.  Parking lots offer accessible parking spaces.  Campus parking stickers for students with disabilities are issued by Campus Public Safety located in Hasbrouck Hall (first floor).  Furthermore, students with disabilities can participate in Student Support Services, a federally funded TRIO grant program that provides academic, career, transfer, and financial aid counseling.

Using Approved Accommodations

Once a student has submitted all the required disability documentation, Disability Services will create an accommodations letter every semester, listing accommodations the student has been approved for.  Students who plan to use accommodations must pick up this letter each semester, and share it with their professors.  Students can also schedule exams in the Testing Center (link to PDF).  Finally if students have questions, concerns, or complaints regarding their accommodations they can contact the Disability Services Coordinator. 


Q: I had an IEP or a 504 in high school, am I eligible for any type of similar assistance in college?  

A: Yes, students with documented disabilities do qualify for academic accommodations in college.  Students need to submit their IEP or 504 AND the supporting assessments to the Disability Services Coordinator to set up academic accommodations.   

Q: I cannot find a copy of my IEP or 504, what do I do?
A: Call your high school to request a copy.  Remember to specify that you also need the supporting assessments as well. 

Q: I never had an IEP or a 504, but I do have a disability.  Is there any other paperwork that I can submit?
A: Absolutely.  You can request a psycho-educational evaluation, neuro-psychological evaluation, or psychological evaluation from a current clinician, and submit that.  Or you can have a current clinician complete the disability verification form (link to PDF) and have them include supporting assessments.  

Q: I have already registered for classes, is it too late to submit documentation now?
A: No.  There is no deadline or cut off point for when disability documentation must be submitted.  We recommend, however, that you submit documentation early, so that accommodations can be put in place sooner.  Regardless, the college will set up your accommodations whenever the documentation is received.  However accommodations are not retroactive, in other words, you cannot retake a test that occurred prior to your submitting documentation to the college.  For this reason getting the documentation turned in ahead of time is best. 

Q: There is someone who helps me gather information and documentation.  Is there any way this person can communicate with Disability Services or the school for me?  
A: Yes, students can sign a FERPA release (link to PDF) and file it with the Registrar’s Office to grant specific person(s) permission to speak with school personnel.  A student can rescind a FERPA at any time.  A FERPA is only good for one full year, and will have to be re-signed annually to keep it current. 

Q: I have more questions, is there anyone I can talk to about this process?
A: Yes, the Disability Services coordinator: Sonia Levine




845-687-5121 (phone)

845-688-6052 (fax)

Director of Accessibility: Eric Fortune-Reader





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