Residency Status

Immigrant, Non-immigrant and Undocumented Aliens
Students applying to SUNY Ulster, who were NOT born in the United States, must show proof of citizenship or permanent resident status. If a student is a permanent resident of the United States, they must provide their alien registration number on the SUNY Ulster application and bring in their Green Card to Admissions so a copy can be made for their student folder.

If a student has applied or petitioned for permanent resident status, but has yet to receive their Green Card, the RECEIPT NOTICE that shows they have filed an application to adjust to permanent resident status with the Immigration and Naturalization Service must be presented in Admissions so a copy of this document can be made and put in the student's folder. The student will NOT be able to matriculate (formally accepted to the college) until the process is finalized and the student receives their Green Card. Admissions can however keep the student's information on file while this is pending. These students will be able to register for classes as a non-matriculated student. Non-matriculated students are eligible to register as part-time students (up to 11.5 credit hours) but are not eligible to receive a degree or financial aid until they receive permanent resident status. If a non-immigrant or undocumented alien student wishes to become a fully matriculated student while waiting for their green card, he/she will have to apply as an International student and F-1 visa.

Resident Tuition Policy for Holders of Green Cards
Students claiming to be immigrant aliens must present proof of their status by providing the campus with a valid Alien Registration Receipt Card. Once a student's immigrant status has been verified, the student may then establish New York State residency by meeting the domicile criteria.

Residency Eligibility Basics
At the NY State-operated campuses students are generally considered New York State residents if they have established their domicile in NY State for at least 12 months prior to the last day of the registration period of a particular term.
  • Generally, individuals who have maintained their domicile in New York for a period of less than 12 months prior to the end of registration are presumed to be out-of-state residents and are not eligible for the resident tuition rate.
  • Individuals do not meet the 12-month residency requirement if domiciled in New York State primarily to attend college.
  • Individuals who are financially dependent and whose custodial parent(s) lives in a state other than New York are generally not eligible for the resident tuition rate. However, students of divorced or legally separated parents may acquire a NY State domicile if the custodial parent is a NY State resident or if the student resides with a non-custodial parent who is a NY State resident and the student intends to continue to reside with that parent throughout their attendance at SUNY Ulster.
Determination of Domicile
To determine a student's domicile, campuses use the following principles:
  • A person may have multiple residences but only one domicile.
  • A person retains a domicile until it is abandoned.
  • Physical presence alone does not establish domicile or residency.
Proof of Domicile
Campuses rely on documents and circumstances such as, but not limited to, the following to determine if an individual's domicile is in New York State. For financially dependent students, the campus relied on documents relating to parents or legal guardian.
  • Duration of physical presence in NY.
  • State of residency of the student's family.
  • NY State voter registration.
  • NY State driver's license.
  • NY State motor vehicle registration.
  • NY State real property ownership.
  • NY State residential rental lease.
  • NY State income tax returns.
Questions about resident and non-resident tuition rates should be directed to the Student Accounts Office at 845-687-5099.

Non-immigrant and Undocumented Aliens
  • Non-immigrants are grouped in categories depending on the type of visa presented at the port of entry. Non-immigrants admitted to the United States in categories that prohibit them from establishing a United States residence are not eligible for resident tuition.
  • In general, the Federal Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act prohibit students who are unable to present valid documentation of their alien status from eligibility for the resident tuition rate. However, undocumented aliens who attend for at least 2 years and graduate from a New York high school may be eligible. Call the campus Student Accounts Office (845)-687-5099 for details.
  • Certain non-residents who have graduated from a NY high school may be eligible for resident tuition. Contact Admissions (845) 687-5022 or Student Accounts (845) 687-5099, for details.





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