Faculty Bio

Eric Bein

Eric Bein

Title(s): Online Adjunct - No office on campus
Department: Department of Social Sciences, History & Education


 photo of Eric Bein behind desk
Contact Information
Office location: Stone Ridge Campus; Dept. of Social Sciences; Vanderlyn Hall   
Email: beine@sunyulster.edu 

Degree Information

M.A (1989) Ph.D., A.B.D.,. Cornell University, Department of Government

Courses Taught

American Government
Comparative Government
State and Local Politics
Introduction to Politics

Primary Area of Expertise

Interrelationship between Social Movements, Electoral Politics & the National State; Class, Race & Politics in the U.S.

Honors and Awards

The Veterinary Technology club received an award for Outstanding Collegiate Philanthropy from the Association of Fund Raising Professionals, Mid-Hudson Valley Chapter, 2011.

Grants Received

Lehman Fellowship

Volunteer Work or Group Affiliations

Facilitated Community Deliberations on the Future of Troy Kiwanis Club of New Scotland: Youth Baseball Coach






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