Fine Arts Student Show 2022


Gregory Renner

 Gregory Renner "Inclusion"

Gregory Renner "Ape Theory"
Gregory Renner "Remote Victory"
Gregory Renner "Katana How-to"
Gregory Renner "Hybrid Assignment"

Artist Statement:

Art is not a product of necessity or natural selection, but exactly the opposite. It is the benchmark that sets us apart from every other living thing on Earth, acting as a totem of our intelligence, our individualism, and our consciousness. While we may not have control over what effects or impacts us, we may still strive to understand why, and in doing so, learn more of what truly defines us. It is because of this nature that I perceive art as an exploration. Whether it be of medium and technique, such as the Hybrid scene, a political or social inquisition like Remote Victory, or an introspective exploration such as Inclusion, there is always something to be learned when viewing, creating, or interacting with art.

After SUNY Ulster I plan to:

After SUNY Ulster I plan to network as a photographer and stuntman for short films as well as continue to build a photographic/cinematic portfolio, as I continue to deliberate on the matter of which university to attend. While stunt work is my true passion and objective, the drive to have creative input in works of cinema is something that I intend to pursue as well, and I am currently looking at schools in New York City such as NYU and City College of NY. It is my hope that this career path will allow me to establish the connections needed in order to be hired for stunt work on a regular basis, as well as pursue the legendary title of cinematographer. Should this dream of mine come true, I am not entirely sure how the balance between stunt work and photographic work will sort itself out, however this is probably the best problem I could ever hope to have. 


Honors, Awards and Scholarships:

  • President’s List first 3 semesters, Dean’s List 4th semester

Favorite class, quote or moment during your time at SUNY Ulster

My favorite thing about the art program at SUNY Ulster is the way that it encourages each and every student to develop their own art styles - and alongside it, subsequently, themselves. As mentioned in my artist statement, I am quite intrigued with the ability that art has to enable us to discover things about ourselves, whether it be something as simple as what kind of art we enjoy or react to, or the introspective complexities as to why we have these reactions. I found when taking the Advanced Studio courses, as well as the Photography course, that they encouraged the original and outside-of-the-box approach to art that only a unique individual could bring to the table. This in turn prompts each and every student to further understand and develop themselves as individuals. A developed self will produce more developed art.






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