Fine Arts Student Show 2021



Sean Gustafson


blue boy, painting by sean gustafson








Artist Statement:

My artwork is often a reflection of things I like at the time or find interesting. Many pieces I’ve drawn are portraits of friends and influences or still lifes. But while those are usually more realistic drawings, I have no problem making something more abstract.
My main inspiration in making art is the fun of it. It’s fun to create! There is often an underlying humor or silliness to my art, whether it be the concept of the piece or something more subtle. There are artists that inspire me, but I try not to adapt to their style, or if I do, it’s only for one piece, and it has a bit of my own flair to it. Most of my pieces are drawn from life, or pictures that I’ve taken. 

Overall, I create art for fun, and I create what I enjoy. Sometimes I work rather big, sometimes I am more proud of a small doodle. But I am just happy to make things.


After SUNY Ulster I plan to:

Transfer to SUNY New Paltz and pursue a degree in art education


Honors, Awards, and Scholarships:

Phi Theta Kappa 


Favorite class, quote or moment during your time at SUNY Ulster:

My favorite classes will have to be any that were led by Chris Seubert. His classes have always been the most enjoyable to me.  I suppose my favorite moment, or moments, are whenever we do a critique. Just a time to be honest, showing the accumulation of all of our hard work, and being able to appreciate, but also say what we can do better. It’s always a fun time with great banter and advice.








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