Fine Arts Student Show 2020 



Micah Fornari











Artist Statement:

I love illustration because I enjoy the process of telling stories with images. I love the process of creating and laying out a story, and the actual production of its elements. While I have experience in graphic design, my main focus is illustration because it gives me the opportunity to be creative and express both abstract and literal concepts.

I use my art to illustrate moments from the stories I create. In my comics I depict the stories themselves and the specific situations I find to be the most entertaining and relevant. My paintings are usually more abstract concepts representing story elements and ideas. Even in my comics I focus on delivering the message clearly though the images themselves before any words are added.

I put deep thought into the composition in all of my works. When laying out the composition of an illustration I go through many sketches and test out different concepts. Experimentation is one of my favorite parts of making art. I thrive while I am discovering ways to illustrate things using different mediums and exploring the strengths of a given medium to emphasize my message.


After SUNY Ulster I plan to:

Transfer to a 4 year college.


Honors, Awards and Scholarships:

Phi Theta Kappa, Sofia P. Reuner Fine and Performing Arts 

Favorite class, quote or moment during your time at SUNY Ulster:

Advanced Studio







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