Fine Arts Student Show 2020 



Isabel Martinez



colorful illustration with soft curvy body parts








Artist Statement:

There are two types of clear artwork that I create. The first is when I strive to create artworks that are deemed controversial in the eyes of society and push boundaries. The second type is the one where I take my cultural and personal background and integrate it into my work. There are times when I overlap these central themes in one piece. 

The way I make my work controversial and pushing boundaries, is by taking into account today’s social issues. The ultimate goal of these pieces is to provoke social change, within the mind of the viewer, and start a conversation of importance. For example some of the topics I have focused on body positivity for plus size women, sexual assault awareness, and pushing the boundaries of woman’s sexuality. 

Generally depending on the topic, I will select a medium in accordance with the message or feeling I am trying to convey. The mediums that I mostly use are charcoal, pencil, and paints. All I use on either canvas or paper. For example a more serious undertone I will most likely create a piece in simply charcoal. 

The reason I say that my two central themes overlap each other is because I take personal things that I have gone through and pour those emotions into my art work. For example, I myself have struggled with body image and mental health issues. I strive to find a way my audience can relate to my pieces. I want to give voice to those that can relate to my pieces but cannot speak for themselves.

After SUNY Ulster I plan to:

I plan to further my education, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Art Education with a focus on Painting at SUNY New Paltz.



Art Instagram: @isabelceleste_art


Favorite Class at SUNY Ulster:

Definitely Advanced Studio I and II









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