Fine Arts Student Show 2020 



Hannah Sheeley










Artist Statement:

My name is Hannah Sheeley. As a young, enthusiastic artist I find excitement in illustrating, designing, and animating my own human and humanoid characters as well as their stories. For traditional work I mainly create with ink pens, such as Microns, and will occasionally use ink wash to add graytones. When it comes to digital pieces, I work in Clip Studio Paint. I draw inspiration from fantasy themed worlds such as Dungeons and Dragons, and love to incorporate said concepts in my art. I create art as a way to let out my frustrations as well as to channel my inner creativity. It is my passion.

After SUNY Ulster I plan to:

Transfer to a 4-year school to learn animation.


Volunteer work or group affiliations:

Community Band


Favorite class, quote or moment during your time at SUNY Ulster:

It’s hard to pick a favorite class, because what mattered most to me here at Ulster was the classmates that stayed with me through all our art classes. We built bonds, shared and improved our art with one another and became a family.








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