Fashion Design Student Show 2020 

Evelyn Meyers- McCarthy



Evelyn Meyers- McCarthy



It was very hard transitioning to completing/restarting my final collection from home. I was told “do what you can, with what you have.” I didn’t have a sewing machine so I looked through my closet for things I could upcycle. I found a beautiful puffer sleeved blouse(knit+woven) and a pink cropped t-shirt(knit). I looked for supplies at home and found fabric paint, embroidery thread and beads. So, I tried to rely on my strong suites. That being my drawing and painting skills. Now I think about the phrase “do what you can, with what you have” a lot. I think about how you can always apply that to yourself in life. I was constantly comparing my project to my classmates, despite the fact that we clearly don’t have the same ideas, resources, and fortes. “...what you have” does not mean just physical objects and resources; it is also what tools you have in your mind.





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