Fashion Design Student Show 2020 

Autumn Watson



Autumn Watson



Growing up in a small rural town in Missouri, I always knew my dreams would take me far from home. As a child my favorite activities were playing barbies and dress-up. I absolutely adored going through my mother’s closet, pairing her heels that I could hardly walk in, with her array of dresses that didn’t fit me. My mother took up sewing as a hobby while I was in elementary school teaching me a lot of the basics and from there I began to make my own doll clothes and furniture. I have carried this love of fashion with me while breaking society's rules in terms of what is modest and expected. I do this specifically in the prints I choose to pair combined with fitted silhouettes. My inspiration stems from the beauty of nature and the 1940’s era of pin-up. Pivoine Pin-up is a collection designed to make the wearer feel fearless, spunky and sensual







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