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Allen, George
Library Clerk, Circulation
DEW 110
Boyle, Louise
Principal Library Clerk, Technical Services
DEW 017
Judy Capurso
Assistant Librarian, Coordinator Information Literacy
DEW 101B
Carey, Joyce
Library Clerk
DEW 110
Fabiano, Lisa
Sr. Library Clerk, Circulation
DEW 103
Gruner, Marla
Assistant Librarian, Reference
DEW 102
Katzowitz, Tamara
Assistant Librarian, Reference
DEW 102
Kuhns, Judith
Assistant Librarian, Technical Services
DEW 016
Mack, Kari
Director of Library Services
Mastronardo, Marie
Library Assistant, Reference Services
DEW 102
Phillips, Richard
Assistant Librarian, Reference
DEW 102
Russell, William
Library Assistant
Interlibrary Loans and Periodicals
DEW 013

Reference Desk: 845-687-5208
Circulation Desk: 845-687-5213
Fax: 845-687-5220