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Mission Statement

The SUNY Ulster Athletics Program serves to support the ideals of Ulster Community College’s Mission Statement by its support and commitment to excellence in education, and personal development that come from participation in athletics activity. The Athletics program is dedicated to the development of student’s ethical and educational values consistent with the Mission Statement of Ulster County Community College.

The Athletics Program strives to offer Ulster students the opportunity to participate in an athletic activity at their level of ability and interest provided through intercollegiate and recreational activities. The Athletics Program goal is to support and compliment academic, social, and life skill development, additionally providing a learning environment of organizational skills, leadership, and sportsmanship through team athletics.

The Athletics program is committed to be competitive at the NJCAA Division (2) and (3) levels, and Member Conference level. Our program additionally strives to offer opportunities to all students and staff to advance their welfare, health, and safety.

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