SUNY Ulster Advantage

If you just missed placement into college-level coursework based on your Entering Student Assessment, SUNY Ulster Advantage can help you make your transition to college more successful.

SUNY Ulster Advantage is a five-week program that meets four half-days per week. The program is offered in the morning at the Stone Ridge Campus (Monday- Thursday, 8:45 – 11:50 a.m.). With classes kept small so you receive individual attention, the program will provide computer-assisted math instruction, tutoring, writing instruction, and skill development workshops. You will begin at your level and progress at your own pace.

Watch your skills improve in just five weeks. Then, take your Assessment test again for another chance to place into college-level courses for the fall semester.

Summer 2017 Dates:

July 6 - August 9                         
Cost: $95.00

 *Although Advantage runs Monday-Thursday, there will be mandatory testing on Friday, August 5th.

Student Learning Goals


                1.  Recognize your writing strengths and weaknesses;
                2.  Develop basic writing strategies;
                3.  Read and analyze a variety of essays.


                1.  Build strategies for effective college reading;
                2.  Develop and increase vocabulary, comprehension
                     and critical reading strategies;
                3.  Improve reading and critical thinking skills.

Academic Skills

                1.  Apply reading and writing strategies to specific
                     academic content areas;
                2.  Apply critical thinking skills to content areas;
                3.  Improve academic skills necessary for college 
                     success, such as reading strategies, time
                     management, and note taking.


                1.  Perform basic arithmetic concepts and skills, or;
                2.  Strengthen your algebraic skills;
                3.  Develop problem-solving strategies;
                4.  Develop interest in and appreciation for math;
                5.  Develop confidence in mathematics;
                6.  Build strong foundation for your next math course.

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