In the curriculum listings for the different programs, required electives are listed as an Open Elective or as an elective from a specific field of study. The following lists which courses are included in the elective field.

Open Electives
Open Electives are all college-level courses with the exception of Physical Education (PED) courses and Intermediate Studies (ISP) courses, unless stated otherwise in the program requirements.

Humanities Electives

Any course from the following disciplines:

Art (ART)
Communications and Media Arts (COM)
200 Level English (ENG) (except ENG 227)
French (FRE)
German (GER)
Humanities (HUM)
Music (MUS)
Philosophy (PHI)
Spanish (SPA)
Theater (THE)

Liberal Arts Electives

Any courses listed above under:

Humanities (HUM)
Social Sciences (SOS)
Science (SCI)
Math (MAT)
Computer Science (CSC)
Geography (GEG)

Math Electives

Math electives are curriculum specific. Refer to the Curriculum for your program.

Science Electives

Any course in the following disciplines:

Biology (BIO) (except BIO 100)
Chemistry (CHE) (except CHE 100)
Earth Science (ESC)
Physics (PHY)
Science (SCI)

Social Science Electives

Any course from the following disciplines:

Economics (ECO)
History (HIS)
Political Science (POS)
Psychology (PSY)
Social Science (SOS)
Sociology (SOC)

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